inform 7: a desk with something on it

A desk is here. the desk is a supporter. a page is scenery on the desk. a paperweight is scenery on the page.

The description of the page is "A piece of paper with writing on it." The description of the paperweight is "A small red rock with a flat bottom." Instead of examining the desk: say "The desk is made of solid metal and has [a list of things on desk]."

How can i make whats on the desk not show up with the desk under the room description but only show up when he desk is examined.

I’m guessing what you want is a way to do this without making the page and paperweight scenery. This is in sections 17.10 and 17.15 of the documentation (kind of unfortunately spread between those two sections):

Rule for printing room description details of the desk: omit contents in listing.

UPDATE: By the way, since the page is a supporter and supporters are by default fixed in place, your code will make it impossible to pick up the page. I suspect you don’t want that, and you can fix it by adding this:

The page is portable.

But then you can pick the page up even when the paperweight on it (the paperweight will stay on it, like a tray); that’s not good either, so you want to add something like this:

Check taking the page:
	if a thing is on the page:
		say "You can't take the page while [a random thing on the page] is on it." instead.

…or something like that. (Code not guaranteed bug-free.)