Inform 7 6L38 Third Party Extension Compatibility List

Oh, derp. You are almost certainly correct; I probably just left them on the defaults. (Don’t feel like restarting 6G60 to check now.)

Whew. So glad I’m not the only one on the receiving end of the kicks.

Command Prompt On Cue doesn’t work properly in 6L02; I don’t know enough I6 to fix it, but I wrote a replacement in almost pure I7. Note: Since it works essentially the same way as Command Prompt On Cue, it has the same drawbacks (when you choose to interrupt, the second letter you type may be lost if you type too fast, a one-letter command right after can cause a spurious parser error (which is suppressed for that turn to make it less annoying), and the first letter of the first command after an interruption cannot be deleted).

Hidden Prompt.i7x

EDIT: I see Ron already fixed his extension. Oops.

Mobile Doors doesn’t seem to work in 6L02, even using the updated version from Github. Whenever I attempt to move a door (using “move the X to dir1 of the Y and dir2 of the Z”), I get the following response:

[code][** Programming error: tried to find the “.” of (something) **]

[** Programming error: tried to read (something) **]

[** Programming error: tried to find the “.” of (something) **]

[** Programming error: tried to read (something) **][/code]

EDIT: The problem was in Inform. I had made a one-sided door, and one of its sides was set to what seems to be a garbage value. When I moved the door, that garbage was passed along to AssertMapConnection.

I reported this as bug #1363, which has since been marked fixed.

I’ve uploaded a copy of Dynamic Tables to Github for 6L38. The fix is thanks to Ron Newcomb:

Thanks to Victor Gjisbers and Sebastian Rahn an update of Flexible Windows for 6L38 is now available at … indows.i7x

I haven’t actually tested it but Sebastian says it mostly works. At the very least it will let you keep working on projects that need it until I get my rewrite finished.

That bandaid patch of flexible windows is giving me problems on my project. It compiles, but upon starting I always get this:

Fatal Error: glk_window_open() was called without a window to split, but a window is already open.

Additionally, inform itself mentions a “Non-existent property (P10)” runtime problem.

This happens even if I comment out everything relaxed to Flexible Windows short of the “Include” line. My game is a bit technical and beefy, so it would be somewhat time consuming to go through everything one at a time to figure out what kind of conflict might be causing this.

Other than this, FW appeared to work well enough in a small test game.

Where can this be downloaded, please? The link 404’s and the version in the extensions repo appears to be broken.

The correct link is but it’s probably the same thing you already found.

Thank you – it seems to be more recent, and it builds cleanly.

My rewrite of Flexible Windows is ready for beta testing:

It appears my previous post has been eaten by the moderation queue, so I’ll try again:

I’ve been away from the IF community for a long time, but some folks might remember me as “Gavin Lambert”.

Someone recently emailed me about Inform 6Lxx breaking some of my extensions, so I made some refreshed versions and sent them to the email address for the old extension archive. Thus far nothing much has happened with this; is this still the right way to update extensions? Should I just wait longer, or should I try to get the updates into the github repo as well? What’s the process for getting something into the new Public Library?

Sorry about that! Your account should be approved now, and I removed the vestiges of the old post.

As far as I can tell; that seemed to be the consensus on this forum last year. But I haven’t heard anything since I submitted Threaded Conversation months ago, either.

Definitely get it onto Github. The official Inform site seems to be moving very slowly now.

I’m not dead yet :slight_smile:

Clearly the extensions email is not working properly, and I apologise for that. I’m not sure why it failed. Please re-send your extensions to my personal email address ( and I’ll see that they get uploaded asap.

So, to be clear, is this for getting stuff uploaded to the Public Library, or to the old extensions site? Because I had thought that the old extensions site was going to be used for keeping around old versions of the extensions, for people who had to keep using 6G60 for whatever reason (e.g., already using some extensions that aren’t getting updated).

If someone submits something for the PL, and it’s something that wouldn’t prevent inform from being hosted on “family friendly” sites, then I don’t think there’s any reason not to follow the extension writer’s wishes. Otherwise, the extension will show up on the extensions site instead.

I like the theory of keeping the latest 6G60 version of every extension available. Discarding those will put a serious crimp in the compilability of old games.