Inform 7 6L38 Third Party Extension Compatibility List

Thank you! Simple but effective idea.

Threaded Conversation is up on github and should be 6L02 adaptive. Please tear it to shreds!

I tried this story:

“Short Story” by Leonardo Boselli
Include Threaded Conversation by Chris Conley.
The Main room is a room.

The result is:

In VOLUME THREE - PERFORMING DISCUSSION, Book 1 - The Current Interlocutor, Part One - The Discussing Action, Chapter 1 - Understanding and basic definitions in the extension Threaded Conversation by Chris Conley:
Problem. You wrote ‘Check saying hello to the player (this is the can’t greet yourself rule)’ , but this would give a name (‘can’t greet yourself rule’) to a new rule which already belongs to an existing one.

Huh. That seems to be a conflict with an Eric Eve extension. Which version of Conversation Framework do you have installed?

Version 11 of Conversation Framework by Eric Eve from the “Public Library”.
Should I use a different version?

P. S. I took it from here:

No, I actually haven’t checked using the latest version of that, it’s not you at all. Let me see what’s going on there…

Right, that should be fixed now. I’ve also required v11 or later of Conversation Framework from now on, to make sure others don’t run into that problem.

Thank you very much!

Problem-Solving Characters by Ron Newcomb has been updated to Version 2 on Github.

I can’t get Michael Martin’s Quip-Based Conversation extension to compile in 6L02, but I don’t see any mention of it here. Am I the only one having this problem?


Version 3 of Undo Output Control by Erik Temple doesn’t work with 6L02. The compiler complains that "value is not specific enough in phrases like “To decide which value is undo word #1:”. Can anyone suggest how I might re-write this?


Changing it to number would probably work.

Dannii suggested:
“Changing it to number would probably work.”

Indeed it does. Thanks.


I tried compiling again today and Undo Output Control didn’t work with “value” changed to “number.” The new error is the "The application ran your source text through the Inform 7 compiler, as usual, and it found no problems translating the source. Something must have gone wrong all the same, … " error. I tried it in a stripped down source code that only included the extension and a room, but it still didn’t work.

Any other suggestions?


What was the specific I6 error?

I assume this information is in the “Progress” tab? Unfortunately, I can’t access it with my screen reader.


I believe it’s been renamed Results -> Console in 6L02, actually.

I suspected that Progress had been changed to Console, and I managed to access it. The error is code 1, no such constant L__M. Does this have to do with the changes to the library messages? Can I just change L__M to something else?


It sounds like the extension uses the old method of printing library messages, which needs to be updated to use the response system.

“Hyperlink Interface” by “Leonardo Boselli” now compatible with 6L02.
Available at GitHub: … erface.i7x