Inform 7 (6G60) solution for replacing "you must name something more substantial"

I’m not thrilled with the “you must name something more substantial” error message when I do something like


Now I see how to modify things in I6. There’s that line in Action.i6t that says “You must name something more substantial.” So I can use I7’s “replace I6 code” feature with (- and -), and I’m good to go for a quick fix.

But I’m curious how this might be done with relative ease in I7. Because I wouldn’t like a flat error message but, instead, something like “You [if noun is a direction]can’t act physically on directions[else]tried to act on something noncorporeal or unavailable[end if].” in the appropriate function.

This isn’t part of a parser error (at least, catching everything with a parser error rule in a blank project does nothing) so I am wondering if

If this code must be done in I6, I’ll go over to that subforum to see about “if (variable) is a direction” type code. And if the solution is “upgrade to 6M or something,” well, yes, that’s more motivation to.


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I haven’t looked at 6G60 in a while, but this is part of the “basic accessibility rule”. (Which is implemented in I6.) You could replace that rule.


This isn’t helpful for your case, but for reference, 6L02 added the ability to modify parser messages like that via its responses feature; all you need to do in more recent versions is:

The basic accessibility rule response (A) is “Whatever you want to put in here.”

Oh right–that’s what I was trying to remember and forgot!

It can be tough to move up, because so many of my old projects are with the old inform, and when I start a new project, I just reflexively use the same IDE that’s already open on my desktop, with my very cheap keystroke-sending scripts pointing to the old IDE.

But enough encouragement/observation like this will push me to move up to 2015 or so.