Inform 7 10.1 docs reformatted for the web. Includes a Project Index; examples include output and are playable

I see what you mean about 174, thanks. I hadn’t spotted that my efforts to strip the top boilerplate was swallowing up “when play begins” text too, and that’s obviously bad. I had just yesterday noticed that the output for anything whose point was showing status line changes is not helpful and The World of Charles S. Roberts’ output is all messed up, as would be anything that depended on monospace type.

It’s more effort, but the same improvement could help with all of these: instead of simple-mindedly piping commands to a Git process built with CheapGlk and reading STDOUT the script could have a real conversation with Git built with RemGlk. The status lines couldn’t be displayed without busting out of the width I’m using for everything else, but maybe I could offer a switch that expanded the box width and included the status lines.

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