Inform 6F95

Inform 6F95 is now available for the Mac, with other builds to follow, here:

To quote the beginning of the change log:

Woot! And also for Quixe.

In case anybody is curious, the manual’s chapter structure has not been rearranged in this list, so my index page doesn’t need to be updated.

Awesome! Thank you! No more hacking needed to make Inform work on my Mac.

I did, however, have to make some changes to my source. Apparently it’s not kosher to give doors multiple connections anymore (e.g. The Front Door is south from the lobby and outside from the lobby) - I had to review the documentation on how to make alternate directions (“instead of going [fake direction] from [origin]” doesn’t work, you must use “instead of going [fake direction] in [origin]”) I also had to fix an issue where I referred to an object by its irregular plural form, and Inform didn’t recognize that anymore.

Sweet! Will report back on if all my issues were fixed.


EDIT: Yep! Both the main issues I had are now solved. There is one thing outstanding but it might be specific to my editing routine. Every time I reopen my project, all my tab stops have disappeared (i.e. all the lines are flush with the left margin). It’s easy enough to get around. I just select all, cut it, and then paste it back in, and voila, the tab formatting is all restored. It may have something to do with my frequent habit of copying everything into TextWrangler and back? Not sure.

The Windows build is now up.

Laroquod: You might be running into problem with the IDE handling line breaks (Unix vs DOS style). I had that trouble when pasting back and forth, a couple of years ago. I thought it had been fixed, but I haven’t investigated it recently.

Try looking at the file in TextWrangler (or some other editor) and deleting any spare ctrl-Ms that might have worked in.

Thanks, I just checked that out, but my files all still have proper UNIX line breaks, which is what the IDE uses when I create a new project. While testing what the IDE actually does use I also noticed that a brand new project still loses all its tab stops when reopened even when the source has been untouched by TextWrangler — I guess that was a red herring, sorry. So I experimented with reverting my changed tab preferences in the IDE, instead.

What I discovered is that the ‘indent wrapped lines’ preference (which I prefer to keep off) seems also to govern whether or not tab stops are respected (wrapped or not) when re-opening a project. Turn this off and even your manual tab stops will seem to disappear on relaunch. I say ‘seem’ because the tabs are all still in there (they’re in that file — I checked), so it makes sense that ‘cutting all’ and then ‘pasting all’ reasserts them.

Anyway, it’s no biggie. But this behaviour’s been around at least two builds back. Not sure before that.


EDIT: In case it ends up making a difference to anyone interested in replicating the bug, I had also shortened my standard tab distance to maybe half of what it was by default.

That bug is now in Mantis:

Sounds like they could be related… thanks for adding my note under it. Looks possible to put my own bug reports in, and it’s been tempting, but I’m still noob enough at the IDE that I’d want to check my bug suspicions in here, first, anyway, to avoid generating spurious reports.