Inform 6 with html links?

Is there a workflow for creating links with Inform 6 that would include simple (embedded) html links ( in the compiled game played through possible a glulx/glulxe / gargoyle?

I know it is possible with extensions using Inform 7. Is it possible going straight through the i6 compiler?

Is TADS 3 the only alternative for this purpose?

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The Glulx VM doesn’t support this.

The interpreter might. You can configure Quixe to display recognizable URLs as HTML links. This is only helpful if you’re building a web site with an embedded game, though – it’s not an option that the game can turn on by itself.

Vorple is another approach to this. (Again, if you’re building a web site with the game.)

Thank you for the direction.

I will look into Quixe. I thought Vorple was directed more at Inform 7.

I just prefer the lisp basis with Inform 6 and the C++ basis for TADS 3. As I delve into Inform 7, I struggle with the “natural language”. I’m learning, I am just old and slow… But, after listening to Graham Nelson’s presentation several months ago, Inform 7 is still the future for parser based IF.

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The sample game on the Vorple website is in Inform 6.

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There’s no connection left between Lisp and Inform 6, really. You can say “Inform 6 can target the same VM as an older compiler which was written in a Lisp-family language.” But that’s about it. The Z-machine VM itself has nothing Lisp-like about it.

(Unless you’re recompiling Lists and Lists.)

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