Inform 6: Universal "Before"?

Many thanks once again to everyone who was kind enough to address my questions earlier this month. I’m nearly done with my first I6 game, and it’s coming out really well, I’m pleased (and surprised) to report. :slight_smile:

It seems as if the simplest questions can’t be answered by any of the popular reference works. This is probably the sort of thing the experienced coder knows by rote, but nothing I’ve tried seems to work. Is there a “before” verb that means “the player does anything not already specified”? I.E.

before [; push,pull,turn: “It’s too strongly attached.”;
search: “You find a lot of dust.”;
(universal): “This achieves nothing.” ;]

Thank you!

Try “default”.

Ah! The magic word has been granted! Thanks so much (once again), Ralph.

(So, it’s the same as the end of a “Switch” routine…of course, the one thing I didn’t try…)

Yes, it’s the same as a switch statement. Actually, IIRC, every routine, not just those in before / after properties, in an Inform program has an implicit switch statement.

And my name is “ralphmerridew”. One word, all lowercase. Is it that difficult?

Odd question. Difficult how? Does being called by your first name offend you? I’d think the assumption that your I.D. comprises your first and last names stuck together would be very common, if not outright inevitable.

Thanks again for the help.