Inform 6 to Inform 7


To make a long story short, me and my friend lost the source code to one of our games, which was compiled to a z5 file, which we were able to successfully decompile into Inform 6 using Gould’s reform program. However, we want to use Inform 7 to help reconstruct it, and we weren’t so sure how to either 1) embed decompiled Inform 6 in Inform 7 efficiently, or 3) decompile/port/translate Inform 6 code directly into Inform 7.

Any ideas or other workarounds?

I haven’t used Reform, but my understanding is that it generates low-level I6 code. You won’t want to try updating the game using that code base; it would be way too much work. Similarly, embedding it into an I7 project wouldn’t gain you anything.

You probably just want to implement your game from scratch, using the decompiled text as a guide.

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