Inform 6 Standard Library 6.12.6 released

The Inform 6 Standard Library version 6.12.6 is ready for use. It should show up in in a few days. It is available right now at

Version 6.12.6 (19 February 2022)

This is a maintenance release focusing almost entirely on bug fixes.

Bugs fixed

  • Reenabled Infix mode for Z-machine. Compiler still does not support
    Infix for Glulx.

  • For V6, HDR_FONTHUNITS and HDR_FONTWUNITS offsets are reversed from
    other versions of the Z-machine. Now the Library knows about this.

  • Fixed ParseNoun() breakage.

  • Now the library checks if the interpreter supports UNDO to see if it’s
    okay to mention UNDO when the player has died.

  • Made sure OpenSub runs AfterRoutines() if keep_silent = true.

  • Fixed trouble with Z-machine header $26 versus $27 confusion. For V5,
    this is font width and font height in units. For V6, this is reversed.


  • For the Z-machine: If the dictionary spans the $8000 mark and he first
    word in the dictionary starts at address A where ($8000 - A) %
    dict_entry_size == 0, then the value returned from a grammar property
    can be troublesome. If these conditions are met, the Z-machine cannot
    tell the difference between a positive or negative value returned from
    a Grammar property. Among other things, commands given to a
    non-player-character can fail. Workaround code had been added to the
    Library to mitigate the problem. See the file “caveats.txt” for