Inform 6 projects in Inform app (desktop application)

I’m trying to set up old Inform 6 projects in the Inform desktop app.

  1. Can the Inform app support projects with multiple .inf files? It appears to create just one file, main.inf, and any additional .inf files that I drag into the Source folder are deleted each time the editor window is saved. For example, Shade is organized as multiple .inf files.

  2. Can an Inform app “Inform 6 project” be loaded with a custom Inform 6 library under Settings > Library? For example, Shade requires a patched version of 6.10 in order to compile. By default, the library options are “6.11” and “Standard”.


What application is this? I did a Google search and couldn’t find it. Is this perhaps something in Inform 7?

The Inform desktop application.

It can create Inform 7 project or Inform 6 projects. I’m asking about the Inform 6 projects.

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This is the Apple Mac version of the Inform App. I am curious as well. My Mac Book Pro bet the dust and I am trying to decide whether or not to replace it. I prefer Inform 6. I have been holding off until the Inform presentation at Narrascope.


Under MyInform6Project.inform/Settings.plist, I found this entry, which I can change between “Standard” and “6.11” using the Settings menu:


But it isn’t clear if / how I would point this to a custom library file.

Okay, so it looks like there is a single inform6 executable in

There is also a single copy of the library at – and “Standard” directs there.

However, it also looks like those library files are indexed at So even if you could add another copy of the Inform6 library without recompiling the app, it looks like that might break the code signature…?

I’m actually not sure if this should actually be a question – or a feature request – for the Inform development repo.

@zarf – do you happen to know of any way to use a custom Inform 6 library for an project? This seems like something you might know how to do (or know why not to).

I think you might be better off using VSCode with an Inform highlighter and the project builder plugin for what you have in mind. This is what I use but I have to admit that I solely develop in Inform 6 so I don’t rely on the Inform app at all. You can even test your game with Fizmo in the built-in terminal. So if you’re not getting the Inform app where you want it to be, this might be an alternative for you.


I’ve never used the Inform IDE for an I6 project. If I had, I would have posted what I knew about it.

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Thank you @zarf!

Thanks also @8bit_era – if I was authoring in Inform 6 I would definitely try that as an option. In this case I’m teaching existing Inform 6 projects in a literature and technology class alongside close reading and code criticism. So I’m trying to understand whether it is possible to give students access to the “testing” tab during play, which they can then use to produce skein maps, replay their traversals, and export transcripts – using the same tools they learned to use with Inform 7 works e.g. Glass or Bronze. Right now with single-file standard compiler Inform 6 works such as Advent.inf they can play in and use “testing” – but with Shade they can’t.

I will keep digging around and if I can find a workaround I will report it here.

I see, in that context your question makes much more sense! Good luck with finding a workaround :slight_smile:

Perhaps is also because use Linux (and the multiple desktops provided by X) Inform 7 and Lazarus (the latter because of Turbo* nostalgia) are the lone IDE I use. for everything else IF-related, I use Kate (whose has support for I6 and TADS 2/3), literally flanked by documentation, and below, literally, the good ol’ command line pointed to the right directory a convenient T layout of multiple desktops whose allow fast finger-dancing with ^-alt-arrows between desktops, bash history in the commandline and tab-switching in firefox (HTML/text documentation) and okular (.pdf documentation) switching from browsing docs, editing and compiling/testing is a simple matter of hitting few keys together…

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

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