[Inform 6] Names of Class Objects

I have some fruits here, which are class objects. They shall appear as “a fruit” if it’s just one and “some fruits” if there’s several of them*. The class object also has a “known” flag according to which the printed name shall differ. While the plural objects are listed properly in the inventory, I have problems with the singular.

		short_name [;
						print "fruit";
						print "pokenoboy fruit";

results in “a fruitFruitclass_5”. Why is that, and what can I do about it?


  • I know that’s not proper English.

short_name follows the convention of most I6 properties: if you want to do something special, return true. If you return false, the library performs the default behavior.

BTW, the plural of “fruit” is “fruit.” Same as “fish” (although the Bible has “fishes,” because that form was used more in the days of King James than today).

Works like a charm, thanks!