Inform 6 - 6.34 and PunyInform for Raspberry Pi

I am working on an entry for the PunyInform Jam #1. I prefer working on my Raspberry Pi as much as possible.

Inform 6 v 6.34 (required by PunyInform) is available for Windows and works well for development.

The Raspberry Pin repository only has Inform 6 v6.33.

I downloaded the I6 6.34 source to my RPi 4. It compiled easily and works well with the latest version of PunyInform.

Would it be possible to upload the Raspberry Pi Inform 6 v6.34 binary to the IF Archive?

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I’m not too familiar with the IF Archive’s processes, but I assume you simply put the executable into a zip or similar archive and upload it using the submission form.


Thank you for the link. I will upload the RPi Binary.

Hopefully, it will be accepted.

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