Inform 6.35 Release 2 for Unix released

As someone pointed out in, I left some garbage lying around in the 6.35-r1 package. Rather than pulling it and re-re-releasing it, I opted to just create 6.35-r2. In this release, I’m using an unofficial git extension to make sure garbage doesn’t creep into the tarball like it did before. This still doesn’t allow someone to download a tarball from Gitlab, but I’m hoping that they’ll adopt this extension to make it so.

As is usual, the tarball is available right now at and at the IF Archive in a few days.

Version 6.35 Release 2 (21 June 2021)

  • Cleaned up error-prone dist target.

  • Tweaks and clarification to

  • Pulled in latest of PunyInform to fix warnings, removed the text
    “revealing…” when opening a container from the inside, edited
    grammar for SHOUT and JUMP