Inform 6.30 release notes?

What I thought was the main Inform 6 site seems to be suffering some bit decay. Several of the download links at:

don’t work, though most of the targets can be located over at

One item that doesn’t seem to be at is the “RelNotes.pdf” file – the release notes for Inform 6.30. There is a release notes file in HTML format at the archive ( … Notes.html) but that one only covers changes since 6.30.

Does anyone know where the 6.30 release notes can be found? is an HTML version.

Thanks, zarf. I missed that.

FYI for anyone looking at this thread later, I did also locate a version of the PDF file via the Wayback Machine: … lNotes.pdf

Is this something that should be submitted to the IFArchive?

I have access to the server, so I’ve put RelNotes.pdf back in place in that directory. Thanks for hunting it down.