Infocom's Fooblitzky

I just picked up a copy off ebay and am looking to give it a try. All the downloads of the PC files I’ve found off abandonware sites seem to play in black -n- white. However, I see screenshots from other platforms showing it in color. Was the DOS release only B&W? I was hoping to play this one via dosbox, but I’d prefer to play in color if possible.

I could always look for an Apple II or other emulation system and play that version, of course. But dosbox is pretty simple to mess with.

Judging from this thread, Fooblitzky uses CGA composite color mode, which may take some messing around to get right in DOSBox.

Thanks for that pointer. I set machine=cga in the .conf file but that didn’t help. Running a little TSR program someone posted to that thread before running fooblitzky seems to do the trick.