Infocom name for opcode

Does anyone know the name Infocom used for the picture_table opcode? It isn’t in the yzip spec.

It is EXT:28 (or EXT:284 by Infocom’s numbering)

Isn’t it PICSET? I can’t open yzip-doc on my phone right now but isn’t it there?

I wrote up a table at one point and then forgot what I was going to do with it.
inform-zil-opcode-table.txt (9.9 KB)

Put in into some future version of the Z-machine spec, I guess.


Thanks. I remember seeing PICSET now.

It is missing from the yzip spec document. MENU (the next lower numbered instuction) has a description in the ZIP Instruction Set section, but is missing from the ZIP Opcode Summary list.

I notice on your list that the print_unicode and check_unicode got Infocom-like names: PRINTU, and CHECKU respectively. Any plans on set_true_colour and buffer_screen getting the same treatment? Perhaps TRUE-COLOR and BUFFER-SCREEN?

PRINTU and CHECKU were mentioned in this thread: Inform vs ZIL names for Z-code opcodes

I guess if Zilf adds names for the others, that’s the equivalent of a formal christening.