Infocom feelies and documentation for screen readers (Up: Ballyhoo)

Thanks. I’ll get that updated.

Well, that took longer than I wanted, but Infidel is finally up! I haven’t decided what to do next, but will take suggestions.

My thread about Seastalker’s infocards didn’t really move things forward. IFWiki was mentioned as a possible host, but it doesn’t presently support spoiler tags. I haven’t spent much time there, so it would be a new space to enter/investigate/etc. A bug report was opened for the problem with spoiler-tagging and screen readers here on the forum. That’s good whether it helps with this specific effort or not.

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Sorry about the long hiatus. My transcription of the box and enclosed materials for Ballyhoo have been uploaded to the IDP.

Next up: Deadline. There isn’t copy protection for Deadline, but it’s a lovely package that deserves a transcription.

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