Inevitable; Hint Request

I got stuck.

First of all: I’m playing in Default mode.

Where I am now:

-The flagpole is through the hole in the dolmen’s legstones. (Temple on top of Ziggurat)
-The blue crystal bar is in its place in the north tower’s core, connecting it to the angled black stone; this made the sixteen pillars start marching.
-The disk is on the black rod so I can rotate it, making the avenue edging go up and down. (I suspect this is the water supply? No water gushing though.)
-I put the game board in the crack in the core in the east tower.

Things I think I have to do:

-Get my tool out of the slit between the pile of rubble. (Avenue)
-Find something to replace the tattered disk from the stack in the box in the east tower. I think I can replace the missing silver disk with the metal token. (This is a transformator or circuitbreaker I think…)
-A scent of flowers is coming from somewhere near the west tower. However, I find no flowers there. (There are flowers by the stone bench. Should I do something with bench or flowers?)
-Very general: Get the water flowing.

This is a lot, so why not start with nudges for that first one: getting the tool from the debris.

If I’m completely wrong about some of the other things, a helpful signal would be much appreciated too.

I love that game! I’ll try replaying it so I can reach where you are and provide hints (unless you figure it out on your own).

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I found the thread about this game you mentioned in your review, but the little peek I took showed that the hints were from after finding the tool.
I love the big picture ( of the entire area as one big powerplant), and that it is actually one integrated puzzle.
And because (I think) I have a good idea about the overarching puzzle, I don’t feel that guilty about asking help for sub-puzzles.

What lifts this game high above other great and clever puzzlers is the background story in the memories. (The lack of this is why my review for Suveh Nux was rather lukewarm)

I’ll keep trying of course, but if you get to the helpful parts before me, some nudges would be very welcome.


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Okay, I think I know where you might be stuck with the black box. Have you examined:

the white powder?

And have you found a way to account for that?

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Briny smell. Residu from seawater.

CLEAN STACK or DISKS gets a rather dismissive reply (“You don’t see why you should be cleaning that. or something like that.”)

However, now that I’m rethinking this, should I try RINSE with the liquor in my water bottle?

(Funny how asking for hints gets the gray matter thinking about the puzzles in a new way.)

I think you’re approaching the problem backwards. You’re trying to eliminate it, but all the other puzzles involve adding or restoring.

(and I know what you mean about hints!)

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Another thought was using the powder (salt) to break apart the debris covering my tool.
Salt in rocks+liquid= swelling salt=splitting rocks.

No success with TAKE POWDER though.

while it’s still on the disks?

Your second idea is closer, but liquor’s not that great. If you’ve gotten the blue rod, you know that there is another liquid in this game.

As a separate hint, this device actually works in real life. Here’s a spoilered link (it gives away the puzzle):

A completely explicit solution:

Pour out the liquor. Fill bottle with saltwater. Pour it in the black box.

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Having not unblurred your hints, let me take a stab at this: the stack of alternating silver and copper disks need a saline solution for better conductivity. So I should fill the bottle with seawater and give the stack a refill.

Perfect. That’s exactly right

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For what it’s worth, I thought my other physics/chemistry idea of breaking rocks with salt and liquids was pretty good too. Will have to remember this for my own game.


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I have to go drive for a while, but now I could use your help. I used your flag pole idea to:

open the ziggurat

and followed your directions and messed with everything to get water flowing.

But once I got the utility tool, I don’t know how to turn on the big sphere from the outside. I’d love a hint if you get there first!

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No problem. I just poured the seawater on the disks. (No success message confirming this was a step forward though.)

I’ll go look at the ziggurat now. If I find some steps forward, I’ll let you know.

I think I’ll need the tool as a light source to go down the hidden stairs in the ziggurat.

So first I’ll have to find a way to clear the debris pile.

But I’ll leave you to your drive now. Be safe.

I just got in the car but saw this. Don’t forget your idea about the token. You can X POST to be sure. And make sure you close it when you’re done!

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Oh! That’ll turn the lights on!

And another resounding YES! The water’s pumping in.

Thank you.

But no lights under the dolmen.

Oh well. I’ll sleep on it.

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Hint for when you wake up: lights don’t go on, but check the exits

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Hmmm, yes. Now that you mention it, I read in one of the reviews or comments on Inevitable that when in doubt one should check the status-bar for directions. (It may even have been the author talking about this game, I don’t remember.)

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The Sphere.

-We want the hexagon to rise until the sphere on it touches the pillar hanging from the ceiling.
-The tool is lying on a tile in the trough. If the trough is overflowing (extra water coming in) and we take the tool, the tile rises, and the exit closes. Also, the hexagon with the sphere rises and starts glowing.
-So: this thing needs water pressure.

You probably figured out this much on your own. The rest of the solution is as follows:

(When I got down, the room was flooded, water up to my ankles.)

Now:-When held down, the tile blocks the flow of water so the hexagon cannot be pushed up by the water pressure. But it also keeps the door open.
-Surely you have other objects heavy enough to hold down the tile? Now you can get out with the tool.
-The water needs to be diverted from the Sphere Room to release the pressure altogether. Any thing around that might do that?
-Now you can go back in and retrieve the object from the tile, freeing the tile so it can move up.
-Finally, you can turn the water back on so the pressure can push up the tile and the hexagon with the sphere. Sadly, you cannot witness this from up close. All you see is a blue flash from outside.

I hope this is clear, Spoilering is hard.

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