Indigo Prophecy

(possible – but mild – spoilers)

Anybody here played this? It’s not so much an adventure game as… I guess it’s an interactive movie. I could have done without the L+R trigger sequences (XBOX version). It was shorter than I expected it to be. I’m not sure exactly how much time it took my wife and I to finish it, but we only play an hour or two a night, and it only took us about a week. It seems like the first two-thirds of the game lead up to a bigger story that isn’t really fully explored. A lot gets revealed near the end, but it seemed a little sudden. The worldwide freeze only came up near the end.

Some bits of the story didn’t make sense – particularly what happens to Lucas near the end (i.e. the reason he’s cold). Does this “condition” somehow get “undone” at the end? I’ve looked at walkthroughs after we finished, but I didn’t see an answer.