Indians are the new jews.

Hi. I’m a racist prick.
When somebody from India calls me, no matter how cheerful and polite they sound, I just hang up. I don’t care what they want. Usually they say they’re from the Microsoft technical department, and only want to help me fix my computer, but I don’t care, because they’re indians, and indians are up to no good. Indians beep like rabbits too. They don’t know when to stop. By now they’re the second lagest population in the world, after China. Compare the area of China to India.
…so you’d think by now, with that many indians around, that I would have met at least a single indian that wasn’t up to no good, but no. They’re all the same.
I’m just saying: Would we firebomb India, all we’d notice, would be that our phone lines would grow silent, which would be a good thing.

What I’m actually trying to say, is that maybe the government of India should do something about all their cold callers - like invoke the death penalty for them - because right now these calls alone, are sinking their entire race into being the shit tier of the world. …as a matter of fact even shittier than Israel (with their theocratic “expansion” invasions) and maybe one day even shittier than the US (with their “anti-terror” torture camps).

A little knowledge is a bad thing.

Oh Andreas, you are so shocking!! Like a stand up comedian from the nineties!!! :neutral_face:

I guess that’s one good thing to say about the 90s: At least they had comedians. Now all we have is YouTube.

Sometimes you veer so far into Pudlo terrority, I’m convinced you are Pudlo. Other times, not so much.

I’m doing it in an obvious way, to prove a point: When racism becomes right, something is wrong.

Racism never becomes right. Someone’s going to delete this thread, right?

It’s a good thing then that even your ficticious racist persona fails to make it sound right.

One thing I agree with your persona, though - cold calls are horrendous. Still, it’s not the fault of the guy on the other side of the phone, they have to make a living too. I suppose that’s why UK has the TPS service. Also, call centres are a global phenomenon now; indian callers are not necessarily cold callers, and cold calls are not necessarily from India.

The death penalty is the worst possible abuse of state power. Cold calling is merely a nuisance. Proposing the former as a solution for the latter isn’t funny.

When you live in Sweden, 50% of all cold calls are from India, which is on the other side of freaking Europe, and they’re always from scam artists trying to trick you into installing viruses on your computer. You can sign up to block cold calls, which makes it illegal for them to call you, but indian cold callers are illegal to begin with, so that just makes 100% of the cold calls you get, from India. Yes, 100%. All of them. If you hear a polite indian voice on the other end when you pick up the phone, you learn to hang up in the middle of their first sentence. You learn to despise their very accent. You learn to associate India with scums.

This is definitely /not/ right, nor do I think it proves a point about Indians in general or even cold-calling for that matter. I hate to pull this card, but being half-Indian myself and having Indian relatives both here in the US and India I have to say that this is just offensive and intolerant, even if it is satirical. I like telemarketing jokes as much as the next gal, but to stereotype and despise an entire group of people because of some stupid phone calls is just racist. Period.

These illegal call centers are beginning to affect how the whole country is being viewed. This might lead to horrendous diplomatic relations with neighbouring countries, and might end up with them being invaded. War and occupation isn’t a nuisance. Genocide isn’t a nuisance.

At this point I bet most of my country is “just racist” against indians. What are you going to do - shame us into behaving? Talk stern to us until we learn? We’re not the problem, but you’re welcome to try, if it’s so “just”. Ironically, you’re the one being intolerant here, because you’re saying that something is inexcusable, and that that’s “just” that.

And your sources on this are? Just an idea you pulled out of your ass? Wonder what that says about you.

That my ass is full of golden ideas, no doubt, and that the sewers underneath my house is worth a fortune.
There are no indians in Sweden (basically), and I bet there are no indians in most of the world. They don’t seem to get around much. …while their calls are virtual globetrotters. …so when your only encounters with indians, is when they’re trying to scam you, you will start to associate them with scammers. It’s induction that leads to instinct as part of human nature.
…so am I awesome or what? :slight_smile:

Racism is inexcusable.

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