Indexing maps, title and subtitle

Just checking if I’m doing this right:

Index map with an EPS file and
	title set to "Alpha Base",
	subtitle set to "2176".

My understanding is that this should work but when I compile and check the EPS, I just see “Map” for both bits of text.

The example “Port Royal 5” – in section 25.13 – seems to do the same thing, so I wasn’t sure if I was missing a step.

The map documentation starts around 25:19, and it says that it’s an eps document produced in the materials folder (not release). I’m not real familiar with .eps, but google tells me it’s an Adobe Illustrator file. Is that how you’re trying to open it?

Also it says

Have you tried it like

Index map with an EPS file and title set to "Alpha Base" and subtitle set to "2176".

Yep. Same problem. And, like I said, the example from the manual itself when pasted in does the exact same thing. I’m guessing this might be a bug then.