Indexed text and tables

I’m trying to make a system whereby NPC activities are added to a table and then regurgitated at the end of the turn. The goal of this is to combine something like this:[code]Paul goes south.

John goes south.

Ringo goes south.

George goes south.[/code]into this: Paul, John, Ringo and George go south. A little more elegant, I think; and since the majority of my WIP is being in an area with these NPCs, this will condense the output and make it much easier to read.

Here is what I have so far:[code]Table of NPC Activity
who activity
person indexed text
Paul –
John –
Ringo –
George –

Every turn:

*** major snip ***

now the activity corresponding to a who of whoIsIt in the Table of NPC Activity is “goes [whichWay] to [curLocation]”;[/code]
This line is giving me the following error: *** BlkValueWrite: writing to index out of range: 24 in 781990 *** I originally thought that perhaps it had something to do with calculating the contents of the indexed text, and so I did this:let tempActivity be indexed text; now tempActivity is "goes [whichWay] to [curLocation]"; now the activity corresponding to a who of whoIsIt in the Table of NPC Activity is tempActivity;But that gave me the following error: *** Deep copy failed: destination empty *** And so with this I’m out of ideas.

How do I put this simple indexed text into a table? What am I missing?

I think you might have to “choose” the corresponding row, then change the “activity entry” to said text.

I’ll report this as a bug but I don’t know if it is or not.

Shouldn’t it be east? (Or west, if I’m misreading Google Maps.)

[size=85](I don’t have anything useful to add - I just liked your example.)[/size]

you can use some first class citizens :

Table of NPC directions
person	direction	destination

i totally failed to make a whole example tho, gave up when trying to translate the printing logic to inform

I was a trifle disappointed by Joseph Ratzinger; after one John XXIII, one Paul VI, and two John Pauls, all in a row, I felt it was high time for a George Ringo I.

(Well, no, I didn’t, actually; but I kind of liked the thought of it.)

That did the trick! Thank you!
I wonder why it does that? Something to do with the row processing/identification, maybe?