Including supporters/containers on the status line?

The manual seems to say that the following should produce for instance “Lab (in the box)” in the status line, but it doesn’t seem to work.

I dug around for a bit and came up with this idea:

When play begins, now the left hand status line is "[the player's surroundings][if the player is in a container] (in [the holder of the player])[else if the player is on a supporter] (on [the holder of the player])[end if]";

This works for one level of container/supporter, but put a box on a stool and get in the box, and the status line will say:
Lab (in the box)

while the room description will say

Lab (in the box)(on the stool)

I would have thought that “player’s surroundings” would mean the same as the room description…am I missing something obvious here?


It isn’t actually supposed to say “Lab (in the box)”; the idea is that if you are inside a closed opaque box in the lab, and you have light, the status line will read “The box” rather than “Lab.”

Ah, I see…thanks.