Including multiple "After asking about" options

After asking Redd Osbourne about "Bulwark/Bulwark City/City" for the first time:

This only allows me to ask about “Bulwark City”…

Asking about “Bulwark” or “City” gives the default no-response.

Am i not writing this out correctly…?

I am using conversation framework, responses and defaults also.

I find it weird that it will continue on with the conversation providing that i “ask redd about bulwark city”…
It would seem to me, if “Bulwark” and “City” do not work, then neither would “Bulwark City”… but that is not the case.

any ideas? (using 6L38)

Obviously i could add “else” in there and do it for each option, but i thought that how i have it, was also acceptable

There is a decent amount of other code that interacts with this line… but i would have to post a lot of it, and doubt anyone would go through it…
I just really want to know if i am writing it out correctly… if i am, i can spend the time finding out what is wrong with it…

Thank you, in advance, for any info you may be able to provide.

Slashes can only be used on single words. (Think about if the topic was “grey/gray pigeon/dove,” meant to match “grey pigeon,” “gray pigeon,” “grey dove,” or “gray dove.”) So when you say “Bulwark/Bulwark City/City,” the first slash has to be either “Bulwark” or “Bulwark,” and the second slash has to be “City” or “City”… so only “Bulwark City” matches. (This is tricky; it’s natural for our eyes to read “Bulwark City” as one of the slashed alternatives, but Inform doesn’t know that’s what we intend.)

If you want to bundle some more complicated things up in a single topic, you can do this:

[code]Understand “bulwark” or “bulwark city” or “city” as “[Bulwark city]”.

After asking Redd about “[bulwark city]” for the first time:[/code]

This is explained in example 91 of the documentation, “Sybil 1.” (And is not that intuitive; I tried three ways that didn’t work before I figured out where to look it up.)

Ohhhhh, ok.

That is a huge help… thanks a ton matt. Much appreciated.

also thank you for the documentation reference… i was having a tough time finding the corresponding text for that.

Thanks again!