Including extensions question in Inform 7 v10

So in version 10 of Inform 7, it lists extensions that it says are “built-in”, indicated by grey folder icons. Does it mean that I do not have to list them in includes, so like I can automatically use them in my code?

Also, will they be included in the "say “[the /-- complete list of extension credits]” command?

You still need to put them in the Includes statements. They will be included in the complete list of extension credits, but only if explicitly included.


So, by “built-in” Inform is saying you don’t have to load them, but you have to include them if you’re using them?

Right – the up-to-date versions of these extensions are always shipped with the latest version of Inform. Whether they’re more tightly integrated with the compiler I don’t know.

Yep, the key with those extensions is that they’re included with your Inform 7 distribution, so you don’t have to download them separately. But they’re still “extensions” rather than part of the core functionality, so you still have to explicitly include them.

If you’re familiar with other programming languages, it’s like how you don’t have to download anything extra to use certain built-in libraries, but you still have to #include <stdio.h> or import re and such.

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All extensions will be included in the "say “[the /-- complete list of extension credits]” command. The only difference between this and the "say “[the /-- list of extension credits]” command is that the latter will exclude extensions that have “Use authorial modesty” included in the source code. An extension being “built-in” has no effect on this.

Hope this helps!

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