Including extensions on Playfic

I’ve been writing a game in I7 that uses the Quip-Based Conversation extension for dialogue menus. I threw together a very short, bare-bones test version and then stuck it up on Playfic so that my collaborator (who is doing some of the writing but none of the coding) could play it easily regardless of what computer she was using (she has several… and works in a computer lab).

She says that when she types “talk to [whoever]”, she doesn’t get the dialogue menus, just a parser error, and I was wondering if that’s some glitch regarding including extensions on Playfic? Although for me, the game works identically in I7’s built-in interpreter and on Playfic. Basically, I’m wondering whether the problem here is with my code, Playfic, or some oddity of the computer/browser/whatever my friend was using.

The game (such as it is–like I said, short and bare-bones, hardly anything implemented) is here, if anyone wants to take a quick look at it and see if the menus work properly for them.

Edit: Never mind, we figured the problem out and it was on her end. Carry on.