In Which Sam And Jacq Play Silly Games

We’ve posted these on Twitter and buried in other threads already, but it’s probably a good idea to put 'em in one place. Jacqueline Lott and I are recording some play sessions of assorted IF; so far the best results we’ve got have been with games in the wacky, easy-to-snark-at zone.

In which we play Choose Your Own Spooky Death
In which we play the very early game of Jacaranda Jim
In which we play The Dance Dilemma

(We still suck at sound quality. We are learning. Apologies for weird hisses and fading sentences and things. We’re not calling it a podcast until a) we can get the sound quality to an acceptable level and b) we’re sure that this will keep being fun when the novelty wears off.)

I’ve been having a blast downloading the games playing along while listening to these - much more interesting and engaging than, say, watching a YouTube Let’s Play of the screen. I doubt I ever would’ve played Jacaranda Jim if it hadn’t have been for the (pseudo)podcast… which sounds like a statement of dubious merit, but there were some seriously trippy things going on that made me smile, and that’s worth something. Probably. Thanks y’all for doing this! I will absolutely continue to listen.

Jacaranda Jim spoilers:

[spoiler]I think that the shopping basket does increase inventory capacity a bit. I dropped everything, picked up the basket, and picked almost everything up and added a few more things. Wow. There sure are a lot of things. It’d be interesting to see if any of them would ever be used by the PC, but finishing the game might be a stretch on my patience.

The thing that transports you at the end: do that again. That’s deep stuff, man.[/spoiler]

<...and a spinoff starring the Cockney witch>

If necessary, I can give you a list of all the accents I can do a shitty job of!

Third attempt. I think we’re getting a tiny bit better at the audio, but there’s a way to go yet.

Next up is a paper CYOA - The Dance Dilemma, one of the Choose Your Boyfriend / Date Him Or Dump Him series by Cylin Busby. (I’ve already talked about another book in the series, The Campfire Crush, in my CYOA-structure posts.) Listen here.