In the Mind of the Master, questions, etc. (SPOILERS?)

To keep it short,

A) Is there any actual way to hang on to your initial disguise and reach the Cardinal’s home? I thought I followed and understood the built-in walkthrough, but apparently I fail.

B) I don’t suppose anyone else drew any similarities with Sin City, eh? Mind you I’m only familiar with the movie of that name, and not trying to say the author…uh, Whyld I think…tried to rip it off. Maybe it was just the time of night and several other factors of when I played it that caused that vibe.

I saw Sin City just a few weeks ago for the first time (actually just parts of it, I didn’t like it too much…), but I also instantly thought of “In the Mind of the Master”, when the cardinal came in play. I think it was an intentional reference by Whyld. I liked the game much more than the movie, though.