In Scope Response and Can't Reach Into

I have been hammering on two issues lately. The first one is why does this print the “say” line twice? The statement is not listed anywhere else.

After deciding the scope of the player: if contactball is on: place Nderim in scope; say "[line break]The man you seek is not here."

The second one is - What rule handles the following response? I want to turn it off.

You can't reach into [room]

Thanks in advance.

“Deciding the scope” happens many times per action. You shouldn’t print an error message there. Instead, customize the “can’t see any such thing” parser error.

The message “[We] [can’t] reach into [the noun]” is generated by the can’t reach inside rooms rule. Specifically, it’s the can’t reach inside rooms rule response (A).

If you want to get around it, mess with the reaching inside rulebook. There are examples somewhere in the manual. (Don’t have it open here, sorry.)

Thanks for the info, I can get that rule handled now. Not sure I understand customize the can’t see any such thing parser error. Should that be

Instead of saying "can't see .......": say "...."

I tried leaving the “say” off of the Deciding Scope and putting it in the otherwise portion of the actual action but this did not work.

This is handled by an Activity. The easiest way to override it would be:

Rule for printing a parser error when...

This is what eventually worked for me in case anyone else is having similar issues. I needed to be able to attempt to interact with a character in another room and give a response suitable for when the player is not in the same room with the character.

This allows a response with a condition when player tries to interact across rooms. I really want to change this to work on a given set of player command inputs but this is at least working.

Rule for reaching inside a room: if the player has the green ribbon:[may need a check here for errant input] say "[line break]The man you seek is not here."; deny access.

Needed this because the parser error only works with objects, so had to put the character in scope.

After deciding the scope of the player: if contactball is on: place Nderim in scope.