Importing Existing Project into Workbench -- Issues

So I’m finding I don’t like the Workbench for getting started but it’s not bad once you’ve gotten started on a project. Meaning: I create my project structure at the command line and then import into Workbench. So I have a makefile.t3m that has the following:

-o bin\exe\game.t3
-Fo bin\obj
-Fy bin\sym

When I open this into the Workbench editor, and check the build settings for output, I see this:

Debugging Image File

Release t3 File

Executable File

The intermediate files, however, are marked as:


So the -Fy and -Fo settings are being retained but the -o setting is not.

Why not? Do I have to do something? I know I can change those settings after the fact but it seems odd that all other settings from makefile.t3m seem to be respected except one of the most critical: where I want the actual image file stored and the name I want it stored under.