Importing backed-up story files, in Windows 10

Soon, I will be getting a new desktop computer, with much better and faster fittings, to replace an old laptop, which I have been using thus far. I will be going from Windows 7 to a Windows 10 OS. All my story files are backed up on the web–I have been systematically uploading them in email attachments, dumping and replacing them at each big edit. When I get the new computer, with Windows 10, and download Inform 7 onto it, how do I retrieve these files? Do I just download them, as usual, from the emails, and they will automatically load into where they need to go on the computer, or will I need to specify which folder they need to go to?

Also, what am I to expect from Windows 10, vis-a-vis Inform 7(build 6M62)?

Do you mean the Glulx/Z-code output, or the source text?

The latter is what Inform will be able to work with. They should be in your Documents library, under the Inform folder; if you create new empty projects on another computer, then copy the .ni files over, all of your source code will be transferred.

I meant the source text. Thanks, Daniel.

As an alternate to email, you can get a free account on Bitbucket for ‘source control’. You can keep it private.

Inform 7 seems to work fine on Windows 10 for me, better than Ubuntu 16.04/16.10 which is pretty crashy if I resize the window or something while it is running a story.

Thanks, allensocket, for the suggestions.