Implicit take action?

Say I have a sack with an unlimited quantity of corn, and I want the player to be able to use the corn but not remove it from the sack. If I disallow taking, implicit taking fails as well, so they can’t use the corn. How would I get around this? I don’t really want them to have a handful of corn object, just to be able use it straight from the sack.

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Make the corn and the sack the same item?

The sack of corn is on the table. Instead of eating the sack of corn, say “You pull out a handful of corn from the sack and scarf it down. Yummy.”

No, I really would need them to be separate. I’m wondering if there’s some way of allowing implicit taking but blocking taking, maybe.

EDIT: I have (kind of) solved this with an every turn rule moving the item back to the container. I’d still be interested in a cleaner solution, though.

Use the corn how?

Sorry, corn was a bad example, I’m changing details in these questions to avoid spoiling my comp game. I’d want the ‘corn’ to be treated as a normal object for interactions. Any corn in the game world would vanish after each turn, hence my move it back to the sack every turn ‘solution’.

Maybe a “Before going from the Corn Room” rule which autodrops the item. (“You replace the corn before leaving,” etc.)

No, the player is able to take the sack wherever they want, but the corn object always stays in the sack. My every turn rule is doing the trick, and maybe I’m just being ridiculous. What would be really helpful is any advice on how to make rules that affect implicit actions but not explicit ones, if possible.

Also, and this should probably be a separate thread, but I have been posting a lot recently…

Is there a way to replace a rule but check if the standard rule would have succeeded? Say I want to use an “instead of” rule, but I only want it to succeed if the action would succeed without the rule, can I do that?

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This sounds like you basically want to run through all the “check” rules, but skip the normal “carry out/report/after” rules, correct?

Testing is a room. The table is a supporter in Testing. A ball is on the table.

Instead of taking:
	abide by the check taking rules;
	say "You could have taken [the noun], but you decide not to."


Aha! That looks very helpful. Thanks.