imaginary games from imaginary universes

I am definitely in. Thinking pants on.

Great idea, Jason.

Hmm, sentient clothing … sounds like you have your first entry already -:slight_smile:

The instructions for phase 2 say:

Would a walkthrough (alone) be an acceptable response? Or is the idea to create a work of IF?

It should be a work of IF. While there is wide latitude in what this means, a walkthough which is simply suggestive of an imagined IF work rather than the work itself doesn’t count.

Another question: I may have missed it, but is there a recommended / maximum number of words for the initial reviews?

No. The samples are a pretty good length indicator.

As an aid for those who are racking their brains, I hereby present:

Tips on writing imaginary game reviews

Deadline for entering is December 13th!

Regarding tip number 5:

Is it okay if we use a currently popular game that, for one reason or another, hasn’t gotten any imitators yet?

Sure, those were tips, not rules.

Ah, great! This’ll be perfect for an idea I have.

Just a brief reminder the deadline (Sunday the 13th, midnight EST) is fast approaching.

Not an imaginary deadline, then?

Hey, one question: does “midnight December 13th” mean when it turns midnight at the beginning or end of the day? (I’m not sure if there’s a better way to phrase this.)

IFComp deadlines are all phrased as “11:59 pm Eastern” instead of “midnight EST”. There is wisdom in this.

End of the day midnight, not beginning.

The final countdown!

24 hours to go! Get in your entries!

AAAARGH I’m so close to being done!! Is it okay if we submit like a half-hour past the deadline?

Technically you will be a late entrant in phase 2, but that is in the rules.

Please send the reviews still.

Alright, I sent them all in about an hour ago. Thanks for your help!

In Stage 2, any thoughts on pseudonyms vs. real names?

Looking less for an Official Verdict and more for “hey, is everyone else going to write under their own names, or not?”