images in inform7

I just tried to put images in a gluxl file using inform7. From the docs I tried things like.
“include Location Images by Emily Short.
Figure of Mona is the file “monalisa.png”.
Gallery is a room. The room illustration is Figure of Mona.
Rule for starting the virtual machine:
now the current graphics drawing rule is the standard placement rule.
The graphics window pixel count is 378.
Carry out looking:
change currently shown picture to the room illustration of the location;
follow the current graphics drawing rule.
garden is a room.
garden is south of Gallery.”
but I get a box and no image.

clues appreciated.



Do you have the file in the right place? It should be in a directory called X Materials/Figures where X is the file name of your project (see ch. 22.4. in the documentation).

yes inform finds the image OK.
it is in index/contents/list of figures

ok the problem seems to be something to do with.

if I have a project

include Location Images by Emily Short.
include Simple Graphical Window by Emily Short.
The graphics window proportion is 40.
Figure 2 is the file “monalisa.jpg”.
Gallery is a room. The room illustration is Figure 2.
Figure 3 is the file “red.jpg”.
garden is a room. The room illustration is Figure 3.
garden is south of Gallery.

If I go south of Gallery I am in garden which has an illustration of monalia.jpg instead of red.jpg
what is missing ?



The way that figure numbers work changed in 6E59. I updated Simple Graphical Window to account for it; do you have the latest version (version 8) installed?

If so, it’s possible that there’s some deeper bug still to be addressed, but that would be a good place to check first.

Ah! thanks. yes I had V6 for some reason. I works properly now.