Image troubles


Yes, I’m still around. Hurray.

No, I’m not dead. That godawful stink is something else.

Since the ASCII idea didn’t pan out (a shame because it looked phenom and I already spent so much ****ing time on it) I’m looking to cut down on the art but I still want to get some in.

In I7 / GLULX, how can I work in transparency for images? There’s an extension that mentions it so I figure it must have some sort of deviant trickery to it. And I’m going to do what Hanon said (or at least try) and do the story first and leave the fluff for later. Which is what I did for TKATC but this time I’m going to spend more time on the story than the fluff.

At least, that’s the plan.

Also, [code]display (figure name)

This phrase causes the figure to be displayed in the centre of the screen visible to the player. If the option “one time only” is used, it will have no effect if the figure has been displayed before. Example:

display the Figure of Woodlands;
[/code]The above bit comes straight out of the documentation. Problem is, LIES!!! LIES AND TRICKERY!!!

It doesn’t center and it should. Why doesn’t it center?

Thank you for your time and a very happy new year!


I think that’s an error in the documentation. You can use the extension Glulx Image Centering to hint in another way that the image should be in the middle, but not all interpreters support it.