Image maps in android

Hello! I have an image map in Twine 2 (&Harlowe). It works fine in browser but not in android. :frowning:
How can I do it in a simple way?

Thank you very much, I will specify a little.

I want to make a small mini game that consists of crossing a river. You must choose well which stones you can step on.

The map image is an image of the river with the sections of the stones. In the example there is an area that adds +1 to a variable.
(each correct stone will add 1 and when it reaches a certain number it will redirect you to another page)

<img style="max-width:100%; max-height:100%;"

src=“IMG/Stone.png” usemap="#imagemapnamehere">

[]<hook1|(click: ?hook1)[(set: $Stone = $Stone+1)]

(live: 0.3s)[(if: $Stone is 1)[(go-to: “WIN”)]]

Thanks a lot! :chipmunk:

Solution: simple, use the real size of images in pixels, no %