I'm throwing the first track of my upcoming IF's soundtrack on Youtube, let me know what you think

I make an OST for all of my Interactive Fictions. I usually make much more subdued songs for the games so that they won’t overwhelm the player while he/she is trying to read, but this one plays at the menu so I did an orchestral piece with lots of drama.


Pretty good. Has the appropriate scene-setting, prologuey vibe with some suspense and tension suggested. The composition is dense enough to compensate for the string samples, which are a little bit samey across time.

I like the quiet moment before the drums, though I think the bass notes that come after it are too high in volume or in-your-face; maybe roll off their high frequencies or just bring them down a touch. Finally, I reckon since the ending’s trying to get quiet again, it should get more quiet than it’s getting – it’s still pretty loud (relative to the average level of the song, or just still At the average level) for a quiet finish.



Thanks a lot for the feedback, much appreciated.