I'm glad intfiction exists.

Inspired by today’s US Holiday (Thanksgiving), I wrote a post on my blog today about how much I appreciate the support and encouragement I receive from various game dev communities.

I didn’t name any names in the post, but intfiction.org is at the top of my list. Sometimes it gets hectic or stressful in here, but I’m so glad there’s somewhere we can all go to get excited or inspired or ranty about this art/game form we love.

Thanks for being here. Hope you all have a great day.

I can second that. The forum is pretty neat.

Me too. It’s helped me do and create stuff I forgot I wanted to. And meet people with the same goals.

I’m thankful that all of you exist, so we can have these discussions about our own little niche of gaming.
Happy Holidays :slight_smile:

I’m grateful you answer all my technical questions without punching me in the face even once.


I’ve always felt awed (not sure if that’s exactly the right word, but close) at the continuity this forum has with the golden age of USENET and the discussions that spawned the IF Comp and all the other great moments. The ability to participate in that tradition in whatever small way I can is something that I’ve felt grateful about.