I'm conducting an oral history with Amy Briggs of Plundered Hearts fame. Any questions for her?

Given your professional background with Infocom and your shared experiences there, what is your impression of the hobbiest IF community that arose after Infocom closed? Any idea on general feelings about the community from other former Infocom personnel? Do you keep in touch with or have any residual relationships with other former Infocom personnel, or has everyone essentially drifted apart?


Is there any news about this? Was the interview conducted as scheduled? Will it be posted somewhere online?


Hi! We’re going to conduct it on the 8th of January. Hopefully it shouldn’t take too long to get it up and online past that. I’ll be sure to post when it’s live.


Just an update that the oral history has been completed and almost all of your questions were answered! There’s some repetition from other articles and the Get Lamp interview, but plenty of new stuff as well. I think I have about 2 hours of footage and it should most all be going in.


Here’s a teaser screenshot!


Update! I’ve been up to my neck with research requests, reunion, and sesquicentennial asks from the college, but I’m splicing the interview together in Premiere at this very moment. I just need to create a couple of quick title cards, combine the three clips (I had to grab a second SD card during the interview as we filled a 128G up), export it to a manageable size in Handbrake, and then get it online. It’s a bit slower as I’m teaching myself Premiere as I go, but it’s nothing too terrible. But, end of this week at the very latest. Hoping for tomorrow! It’s an easy 2 hours long.


It’s spliced together. Just waiting for Amy to give the thumbs up.


Still waiting on Amy to watch it and give final approval (she’s been a bit busy). I just talked to her though and it should be soonish.


Busy, no doubt. We’re just excited to see her speak!

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Has there been any update on the availability of this interview?