I'm back!

Hello everybody, Did you miss me? I’ve only been gone… uh, four years, maybe? I don’t know. Life, other plans, work, kids, cats. Anyway, something (2020?) got me to pick up Inform again. It’s fun!

And, surprise - it turns out it’s hard to learn, but it’s like riding a bike - I still know how to do it. Well, the easy stuff at least, I’m sure I’m going to come crying for help soon.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi, and maybe apologise for just vanishing without really saying goodbye. I’m happy to see so many people still here! And so many new people!

Recommendations for “IF you have to play if you spent the last four years under a rock” are welcome.


Well hello.

I’d say welcome back, but I’m one of the new people so we’ve never met.

I’d recommend Illuminismo Iniziato by Michael J. Coyne. A hilarious puzzlefest set in a rich world. You can read my review on IFDB. (Maybe you know its predecessor, Risorgimento Represso?)

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You might enjoy Superluminal Vagrant Twin, The Wizard Sniffer, Eat Me, Ryan Veeder’s Castle Balderstone games, Zozzled, and maybe Cragne Manor (an enormous patchwork game by 80 authors, with elaborate additions by Andrew Plotkin, Emily Short, Jeremy Freese, and others)

Also, we are in the middle of the IFComp, so we could benefit from your votes :wink:

And ECTOCOMP has finished, and it has been awesome. A lot of good games, even in the lower rank positions.

Welcome back!

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Aha - the ifwiki page was wrong, it said Nov 15th was the voting deadline, but ifcomp.org says it’s the 29th. Maybe I still have time to play a few…

(I updated the ifwiki page)

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