Illuminismo Iniziato source code release

I have finally gotten around to creating a zipfile of the Illuminismo Iniziato source code.

I’ve taken the liberty of including the Inform6 contribs that I’m using, just so that the source has a complete snapshot of them, along with any minor changes I may have made.

If anyone who used to (or still does) maintain any of the included contributions is upset about this, please let me know and I can remove them from the zip.

Third-party contributions included:

  • calyx_adjectives.h (Miron Schmidt, public domain)
  • dmenus.h (not the same as at the IFarchive, this version has been updated by Roger Firth to work with Inform 6 and GLULX, CC-sharealike)
  • random.h (Roger Firth, CC-sharealike)
  • seeno.h (Cedric Knight, after Neil Cerutti, no license mentioned, assumed public domain)
  • yesno.h (L. Ross Raszewski, no license mentioned, assumed public domain)

Because the file includes the cover images and images used for mapping, it’s a bit too large to put here, but it should be available on the IF Archive sometime soon, at: … ce/inform/

Filename is

If anyone’s really desperate for it now, PM me and I’ll set something up.

Very happy to see that! Thank you!!