Illuminismo Iniziato release 3 uploaded to IF Archive

We’re getting close to the one year anniversary of Illuminismo Iniziato’s first public release (via Spring Thing 2018), so it’s a fitting time to put out release 3, the second post-comp release of the game.

Nothing too new or exciting here, just some miscellaneous fixes noted by players. The bug reports have been silent for a few months, so I thought I’d release these now after sitting on them for a while.

IFID: GLULX-3-190221-E770AAA4

Once it’s been processed, it should appear in: … mes/glulx/

Release 3, Serial 190221: General reported bugfix release

  • fix issues with numerous “self” objects that were moved from specific people into topics
  • fix issues with the sky in the Vechlee Road vision–it shouldn’t adapt over time as the vision is from a fixed point in time
  • fix issue with proper Vechlee Road so its sunlight adapts over time and make sure door state is reflected in the room description
  • fix a couple of minor typos
  • fix inquiries about Betty’s mum so it references Betty, not “self”