Ignoring the player's parts during commands not 'targetted'

Using Inform7, I was looking to default an action to anyone but the player if that is possible. Specifically, I have it setup so every person has a face.

If the player is in a room with John, I want to be able to type “look at face” and have it automatically choose John over the player. I still want the player, however, to be able to type “look at my face” or similar to see their own if they specifically want to. In a room with multiple people, the general asking “did you mean your face, John’s face, or Laura’s face?” will suffice.

Sorry if this was asked before, I just had a hard time thinking of what exactly to search for, though I tried a few things. Thanks in advance!

The “Does the player mean” rules will work here:

[code]Faceplace is a room. A face is a kind of thing. A face is part of every person. Laura is a woman in faceplace.[ John is a man in faceplace.]

Does the player mean examining a face when the noun is part of the player: it is unlikely.

Test me with “x face/x my face”.[/code]

You can uncomment the line about John to check that when there’s more than one other person in the room, you get the “Which do you mean” question.

If you want this to apply to all actions (“kiss face”), you can try this:

Does the player mean doing something to a face when the noun is part of the player: it is unlikely. 

though you would also have to write a rule to cover the case where the face is the second noun (“THROW PIE AT FACE”).

Much appreciated, that definitely does that trick!

It definitely should make things simpler. Thanks for such a speedy response!