IFWiki server change

Editing is temporarily disabled while we move servers. Back soon…


IFWiki is now on the new server, and editing should be working again.


I just took a peek at IFWiki - I haven’t checked in for a while and it looks really snazzy!


It does look different, but not a lot different. The first thing I noticed was that everything seems smaller and fainter. I’m guessing that there’s a change of font and/or the black text is actually grey. The text in the sidebar is certainly mid-grey and much harder to read.

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It’s good to see wiki is supported and the new Cargo extension will be useful. But please remove the font size hacks, the #content: 0.9em is smaller than default Bootstrap 1rem.

Also the new logo doesn’t work in the old skin (after logging in).

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Oh! A good chistmas gift. This renewed page is cool.
I often entered in ifwiki/interpreters and this page was really obsolete.

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It’s now good old-fashioned black :+1:

It should be full size now. I agree that it was too small.

That’s been resized and works now.


How is it now? Is it easy enough to read? I’m wondering if the link color is part of why it looks fainter.

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I just tried the new version. Looks good in the Brave browser that I use.

Thank you for the upgrade.


It’s much easier to read now. Thanks for that.