IFwiki issues?

I almost wanted to piggyback on the “Paging David Cornelson” thread but I couldn’t remember if he’s the David who helps make IFwiki work. In any event, it seems to be down – I’m getting messages that say “Database error”.

I just tried to go to the website and I can confirm it’s down. :frowning: That’s sad.

Looks like it’s back up now, and therefore I can answer my IntroComp question myself (from another topic). Thanks to whoever made that happen!

Wow though, it looks like it’s reverted to an older version. A lot of pretty big rewrites I made to pages in the last six months are gone.

Does anyone know what’s happened?

Baf sez on Twitter:

“The database at ifwiki.org is having serious problems. I’ve restored a very old backup as a stopgap. Will report developments.”

twitter.com/CarlMuckenhoupt/sta … 6456488960