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I would like to ask you all to not only post your reviews here but to also remember that there’s IFRO site at www.ifreviews.org where you can also post your ifreviews, rate other reviews/reviewers and see how the other users rate your own reviews.

Sorry for the publicity, but since this is a game reviews forum, i thought some publicity wouldn’t hurt.

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Thanks for the reminder! Is there a way, in the submission process, to reference the review’s source? I don’t necessarily mean this forum (as the reviews posted here are probably re-posts from elsewhere), but for reviews that originally appeared in SPAG, or reviews that were originally posted to the reviewer’s personal site or blog? Should a reference such as this just appear as new text beginning the review, or is there something to handle it in the submission form?


Hi there Merk

To mention the source of the review, you can do what i’ve done for the Eamon ifreviews, which is to place a mention in the end (or top if you preffer) to other places where you can read the same ifreview, for instance:

If you check the The Temple of Ngurct ifreview ( ifreviews.org/index.php?analise=46 ) you can notice at the end of the review the following text (which links to the original place of the review)

Used with Matthew Clark’s kind permition.
Original review available at Eamon Adventurer’s Guild Online website.

So everyone can add ifreviews and still have them in their own websites, blogs or any other place (such as SPAG, and others). But you’ll have to add yourself the link to where your review is.

The main reason for ifreviews.org is to gather all under one common place so that we can make averages of the rates games get, and not to prevent people from having their reviews any other places (we do not have any exclusive rule, on the contrary, sharing is the key here).