IFography Magazine #3

It’s finally here! Issue 3 of IFography magazine! Interviews! News! Insights! Hope for the future of mankind!

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Yoon Ha Lee has a math/erotica game?

Good stuff. FYI, though, I’ve found iFrotz to be a lot more reliable than you give it credit for. It handles even the most complex situations beautifully - heck, it can play Kerkerkruip. Autocompletion does indeed come from the game’s dictionary, which means that in non-English IF autocompletion works properly.

iFrotz will deal with most of the fancy tricks you throw at it, though not all. One glaring omission is the lack of sound support. But I keep pestering the dev, and he’s been amiable enough to give me what I want just so I stop pestering, so hey, who knows.

Counterfeit Monkey will run OK for a while but progressively slower, I don’t recommend it. But it’s to do with the sheer complexity of the game. I don’t think you can play CM reliably in any way other than a desktop terp.

I don’t think Android Frotz and iFrotz are by the same dev. That makes a difference.

Something else you can do in iFrotz is transfer your saved games to-from your computer, using an utility like, say, iMazing (no longer free, sadly, but there are others - maybe iFunbox, or whatever it’s called?). If you do that, though, you’re already a power user.

Re Ad Verbum, autocompletion is toggleable - but yes, it occasionaly can spoil a puzzle for you. Whether or not that’s a bad thing, well… :slight_smile:

One day I might get me a small bluetooth keyboard and play just as you say. :slight_smile:

I tried out Android Frotz and came to the conclusion that the iOS Frotz is much more superior. The person who made Android Frotz used Java and did not create the iOS counterpart. Although iOS Frotz does not have sound support, games do run smoothly on it and it supports Glulx, something that we will never see on Android haha. On the bright side, an interpreter on Android does have TADS support! :smiley:

What we need is for more people to contribute to Gargoyle. It could be the basis of bringing all the terps to every platform.

True. If only there was an interpreter that not only supports all IF virtual machines, but also presents the game with a good looking interface (HTML TADS, anyone?) and has picture and sound support (ADRIFT Runner). If we can see something like that one day, it would spell the end of other interpreters that isn’t Gargoyle or Spatterlight.

I get the impression that people don’t think you can customize the gargoyle interface. You can, but it’s fiddly because you need to work with a text file.

It’d be cool if there were a library of gargoyle UI customization files.