IFMud Activation Email

Yesterday I tried to set up an account on IFMud. The process seemed to work, and I can see that the account was actually created (using finger), but the password email hasn’t shown up.

How long does this usually take? I’m new to MUDs and worried that I’m missing a step or making a mistake. (I did check to make sure that I had entered the correct email address).

Just because of Rhoades Rule “Always state the obvious just in case it’s not”:

Did you check to see if it ended up in your junk/spam folder?

Hmmm… I just signed up and got my email immediately… I’m logged in now.

Feel free to log in with a guest account, and one of the wizards (maybe me!) will help you.

Words to live by. :slight_smile: In this case, I did check.

Sounds like a plan. Thanks!