Hi all,

A complete and utter blatant plug, but hopefully you’ll appreciate it. Apologies in advance for any breach of etiquette.

I have been failing to play text adventure games for many years, mainly due to lack of time and other interests. However, now things are portable (OK, they have been for a while I know) I am hoping to get into things again.

The last remaining hurdle however was the inability to map where I was at the same time without having to carry around pen and paper.

I couldn’t see anything in Google Play Store … so I created something, “IFMapper” :slight_smile:

This allows you to add / remove locations, links, names, and notes in a simple and hopefully intuitive way on your Android phone. You can then flick between this app and whatever game you are playing.

Not sure how the search indexes work on Google Play, but the direct link to this is

It is an early release so please treat with caution. In the unlikely event you do get any crashes, please “report” them with the button and I’ll be able to get on and fix.

Feedback welcome,

Richard Hunt.

I’ve been looking for a mapper for android for ages, so thanks very much for doing this.

I’ve had a brief test and think it’s great.

A couple of thoughts so far
Is it possible to delete a map within the app?
Removing connecting lines and changing to one way can be a bit difficult and I couldn’t delete dotted lines.

I wonder if to remove lines tapping the line itself would be a better option.

I’ll try it properly and see how I get on

Again thanks :smiley:

Great to hear finding it useful :slight_smile:

Apologies but have been a way the last couple of weeks and busy with the day job.

To delete a link currently have to delete one way (making it a one way exit) and then the other. For sure will be adding and tweaking things, my plan is to use it to find what works best. I sorted one update a couple of weeks ago to fix hotspots for linking and zoom. May be a little while before next update but there will be one. Feel free to continue to post feedback and thoughts. All will be considered!

No delete map as yet. For the links, make sure have latest version and zoom in first seems to help.

Just pushed a new version with rendering and functionality updates to make it a lot cleaner and smoother experience. Still no delete map but these are saved to the folder \ifmapper on your device.

I’m not sure if I highlighted earlier, but on the recent versions you can also be very specific as to which hotspot to link to by zooming in and clicking on the hotspot you want. Otherwise will take the nearest. Deleting once direction will result in a one-way link.

Still lurking in the shadows and failing to find time to actually play any interactive fiction, but I have just tweaked my “ifmapper” Android tool for those more active. Only very minor for now - you can now change the colour of the canvas from the new menu top right. Anyone who has no idea what this is you can see and install from … e.ifmapper.